Castle Neuhaus

Burg Neuhaus
Burg Neuhaus

Castle Neuhaus, which today is the home of the Waldnaabtal-Museum, was built around 1300 by Ulrich I. of Leuchtenberg. Right from the beginning it was designed as a hunting castle rather than a knight’s seat. The castle with its prominent "Butterfassturm" looks back on a moved history. After the castle had been pledged to the monastery of Waldsassen several times, the monastery finally bought the castle in 1515. After the secularization the castle passed into private hands in 1803. In the year 1820 the town of Neuhaus bought the castle. The rooms were used as offices for the town’s administration and as school rooms. Over all these years the castle never was harmed by either fire or war.

Museum in the castle

After extensive renovation the Waldnaabtal-Museum was established in the castle in 1985. This museum aims to give an insight into the natural and economic history of the Waldnaabtal. Besides the permanent exhibition special exhibitions are shown.


around 1300Landgrave Ulrich I. of Leuchtenberg builds Castle Neuhaus
1328Leuchtenberg pledges Castle Neuhaus to the monastery of Waldsassen for the first time
1333Neuhaus becomes feud of the monastery of Reichenbach
1343A conservator presides over the castle in the name of the landgrave
1379Neuhaus is given to the bride of the landgrave of Leuchtenberg Sigost Mechthild Veldenz as bridal gift and widow’s seat
1393Landgrave Johann I. of Leuchtenberg establishes the town of Neuhaus, which consists of the castle and 20 farms.
1415Landgrave Johann III. gives town rights to the citizens of Neuhaus
1515Landgrave Johann IV. sells the castle and its possessions to the monastery of Waldsassen
1519Palatine Friedrich decides, that the high court of Windischeschenbach belongs to Neuhaus
1614The waxseal of Castle Neuhaus dates back to this year
1638Restoration of the castle. The castle becomes the seat of the judge of the monastery of Waldsassen until 1803
1648Castle Neuhaus remains unharmed by the Thirty Years’ War
1662Lightning destroys the whole town except for three houses
1751/1752A new church - the Agathakirche - is built
1803After the secularization the castle passes into private hands
1820The town of Neuhaus buys the castle for the price of 600 gulden and uses it as a school
1887On the 17th of June a horrible fire destroys the whole town except for a few houses. In the same year the town is rebuilt by its hard-working citizens
1888The Agathakirche is rebuilt
1951700 people live in Neuhaus
19621,100 people live in Neuhaus
1972Neuhaus is loses its independence and becomes part of the town of Windischeschenbach